Wildlife Hospital Flood Damaged

Last updated: June 27, 2012

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The RSPCA wildlife hospital is currently ‘out of order’ due to the recent flood damage at the Fairfield Shelter. However, that doesn’t stop people bringing in animals needing help. Most wildlife patients are being referred directly to Greencross vet surgeries, the Australia Zoo wildlife Hospital and the Currumbin Sanctuary Wildlife Hospital until we are back on our feet. However some of the flood affected animals have been able to go straight out to wildlife rehabilitators for their recovery, these are some of them:

Esmay the Saw Shelled Turtle

Turtles often go for a walk during rainy conditions to find mates, move home or lay eggs. Sadly they often have to cross busy roads during their journey putting them in grave danger of being skittled. Some turtles, like Esmay, do survive being clipped by a car but sustain injuries that can take several months to repair. Esmay has a cracked shell, which is similar to having a broken bone. She came to the RSPCA wildlife hospital from Rockhampton during the rain preceding the flood. We have placed an external fixator to bridge the fracture and promote quick healing. To our great surprise Esmay has started to lay eggs and we have placed them in an incubator, hopefully we will have some baby turtles hatching in a couple of months time, stay tuned!

A turtle visits the RSPCA Wildlife ward during the qld floods of 2011

Libby the Echidna

Late one night I received a call to collect an echidna that had washed up during the flood. The people who found her were attempting to remove a rogue water tank that had washed up and also stubbled across our spiky friend. She was exhausted and muddy! Echidnas are excellent swimmers and she could have been treading water for a long time. She is currently resting and having a good feed before we find a suitable place to release her.

Echidna at the RSPCA Wildlife Ward during the Qld floods 2011

Thelma and Lucas the Brushtail Possums

Graceville was one of the suburbs devastated in the flood with many houses being inundated with water. Thelma and Lucas (mum and a huge baby) were found clinging to the beams under a Graceville home. They were surrounded by rubbish and furniture that had washed in. They were terrified, covered in mud, hungry and exhausted. They were brought into care where they have had a big feed, a warm bath and now have somewhere safe to stay for a couple of days when it will be safe to return home again.

A possum visits the rspca wildlife ward and is cleaned up in a bath


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