It’s Wild in the Wildlife Hospital

Last updated: January 23, 2013

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Kookaburra on some newspaper at the RSPCA Wildlife Ward

I am a Laughing Kookaburra who is not laughing at the moment!

I now know that those fast things on wheels that humans drive are not my friends. A car hit me! Laughing Kookaburra’s are the largest of the Kingfisher family so why didn’t the driver see me? And because of that I have hurt my wing. I am staying at the RSPCA until my wing feels much better and I can fly a lot better. Don’t worry, I will be laughing in no time!

Blue Tongue lizard recovering in the wildlife ward.

Hi. I am a blue tongue lizard who got hit by a lawn mower!

I am a blue tongue lizard that likes to hide in long grass just like every other blue tongue. Our favourite hang out spots are the tussocky areas where the sun can penetrate and warm us up. I didn’t see that large mower coming and the blades got me. I hurt my back but now I am on special antibiotics and I will be ready to go home in no time!

A lost turtle

Hi! I’m a pet turtle who got a bit lost.

I am a pet turtle that decided to go for a bit of a walk one day. Humans have to have a licence to have a pet turtle, but turtles don’t need a licence to go for a slow walk. I think maybe we should have to have a licence because I got a bit lost on my walk but luckily someone took me into the RSPCA. The staff at the RSPCA called my very happy owners and they came down to collect me and take me back home. I won’t be going for big walks unsupervised anymore.

A grey and yellow cockatiel standing on a branch

Shhhhhh, can you be a bit quiet around me?

I am a scared little cockatiel that got a bit lost on my adventures in the big wide world. I just want to sit on someone’s shoulder until I can settle into my new surroundings at the RSPCA. I used to be so scared that I would chew all my feathers out. Now I look a bit funny, but don’t worry, the staff at the RSPCA don’t laugh at me for having a bald belly, they just give me heaps of love and I am a lot more settled in now and I have stopped chewing. I will stay here until my feathers have all grown back and I am looking even more good looking than ever!

A very cute cockatiel

A Cute Face!

Yes I know that this is one of the cutest faces you have ever seen…what can I say – I was born like that! I used to have a nice home where people would talk to me and whistle all day long, but I went wandering too far from my cage one day and I got scared so I just flew and flew and flew until my wings could not flap anymore. Some lovely people took me to the RSPCA where I have been able to rest and catch my breath. I am just having an overstay here at the RSPCA until I can find a new home that will be able to give me heaps of love-all the love that a cockatiel with such good looks deserves.

A black flying fox hanging upside down

Hello down there!

I am a black flying fox that is under specialist vet care here at the RSPCA. I was found under the powerlines one night. Us black flying foxes can have a wingspan of up to one metre, this is to make us excellent climbers and flyers but it is not good for powerlines. I was coming home one night after a long fly to collect food and I thought that the powerlines looked like a nice ‘branch’ to rest on for the night but unfortunately this ‘branch’ sent high power volts through me and sent me hurtling to the ground. Vets are monitoring me very closely and I am on special medication that will help me get better so that I can fly home soon.

A Tawny Frogmouth standing on a branch

What are you looking at?

Are you convinced that I am a branch? Tawny frogmouths like to look like branches because it makes us feel safer. Life is much more simple when you try and look like a branch. I decided to try and look like a fence post, but instead I got caught on the fence. I had to come to the RSPCA to get a few stitches and soon I will be all better. I can be released soon, but I won’t try to look like a fence post anymore.

A turtle hids his head under his shell.

Nope there is not enough room for you to hide under here as well.

A turtle’s shell is made of a hard substance to protect all our vital organs and gives us somewhere to quickly retreat to when we are threatened. But our shells are not indestructible. I was clipped by a car which sent me hurtling across the road and I damaged my shell. Because turtles are often known as slow moving, we are also slow healing. So it may take awhile until my shell is better and I can go home. Meanwhile I will stay with the staff at the RSPCA where they are providing me with everything I need.

A young fan-tail cuckoo standing on a few logs and branches.

I am a young fan-tail cuckoo that loves open forests.

We like the open forests because they have heaps of caterpillars for us to eat and it also gives us protection from larger birds that don’t eat caterpillars and prefer eating us. I was flying one day looking for a nice nest for me to lay my eggs in. I am a very busy bird so I have to get other birds to raise my babies. So I was on the hunt to find good parents for my young when I flew straight into a window that was randomly in my forest. It was a very clean window so I didn’t see it. It gave me a pretty nasty headache so I am staying at the RSPCA where I can stay quiet until I feel better.

A friar-bird recovers in the RSPCA Wildlife Ward after being hit by a car.

I am a noisy friarbird that is now very quiet because I have a headache.

I got hit by a car so I am a bit sore and feeling sorry for myself. I will stay here at the RSPCA until I feel better and I can be my noisy self again in the wild where I belong.


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