Twiggy & Ghost in the Wildlife Hospital

Last updated: January 23, 2013

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Twiggy the Eastern Grey Kangaroo

Twiggy first came to the RSPCA a few months ago after being found in her mum’s pouch when she was struck by a car. She went to live with a wildlife rehabilitator and a few weeks ago mysteriously broke one of the bones in her leg. She was rushed into the wildlife hospital where the vets and nurses took great care of her. She had some pins placed in the broken bones and the leg splinted. Twiggy has been with her carer on strict pouch rest while the bones mended.

This week we saw twiggy return to have the pins removed. Twiggy was the first patient to be operated on in our new sterile surgery at the Wacol Animal Care Campus Wildlife Hospital where everything went smoothly. Twiggy has moved to her new home where she will be released with several other orphaned joeys. It will be a few weeks of physio and light exercise (HA! try telling a kangaroo that!) before Twiggy can permanently join her new play mates.

Twiggy is a baby Kangaroo, also known as a Joey.

Ghost the fledgling Boobook Owl

Ghost is a Boobook Owl and he came to the RSPCA wildlife hospital after being found alone on the ground in Park Ridge, Brisbane South. He was being bullied by crows and magpies that were concerned he was after their babies – a very valid point seeing as Boobook Owls love eating small mammals and birds. Ghost is a fledgling – this means he is learning to fly. Even though he still has some things to learn about flying he certainly knows how to eat! After a night of good food and rest he was taken back and reunited with his family. Ghost flew off into the night and you could hear the parents calling to him as they led him away.

Ghost is a fledgling Boobook owl recovering at the RSPCA Wildlife Ward


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