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RSPCA QLD Holiday Programs

RSPCA QLD Holiday Programs - A student feeding a sheep November 27, 2017

Love animals and wish you could help them? Interested in a career working with animals? Or simply at a loose end these school holidays? Check out the RSPCA Qld’s fabulous holiday programs. Learn how to care for your pets, become a crusader for wildlife, check out life on the farm or be a vet nurse for a day. Catering for children aged 4 to 18 and family groups there is something for everyone.

What angel helps a fish?

A black, white and yellow angel fish April 2, 2016

Answer Answer: An angel fish! Joke submitted by: Danika Photo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/theory/3806118632/

School Holiday Programs (QLD)

A dog and boy covered in mud sitting together March 17, 2016

Check out the RSPCA Qld’s fabulous holiday programs this September and October 2012. Catering for children aged 4 to 18 and family groups there is something for everyone.

Mice as Pets

Mice as Pets - A small brown mouse sitting in a corner of a wooden box January 1, 2016

Learn about what mice need to be healthy and happy, including housing, diet, socialization, disease and more.

Swoopa the Seal

Swoopa the Seal - Cartoon seal January 1, 2016

Swoopa is the quickest Seal in the sea. Help him catch lots of fish before the time runs out, but watch out for the red mines!

Snowboard Gecko

Snowboard Gecko - Cartoon drawing of a gecko riding a snowboard January 1, 2016

Snowboarding Gecko gets big air and pulls cool tricks off jumps for big points. Go around the poles and pick up points, but watch out for trees!

Gecko Skateboarder

Gecko Skateboarder - Cartoon gecko riding a skateboard January 1, 2016

Be a radical Gecko! Gecko skaterboarder skates the streets doing tricks and earning points. Slide on benches & jump over garbage cans.

Rats As Pets

Rats As Pets - A black rat sniffing the air January 1, 2016

Rats are generally extremely clean, intelligent, affectionate animals, which bond to their human companions making playful sensitive pets.

Caring for your fish

Caring For Your Fish - a colourful siamese fighting fish January 1, 2016

Fish are very relaxing and beautiful to look at and many species are kept for these reasons. However fish have many needs that need to be met to be healthy and happy.

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