What’s in the RSPCA Wildlife Hospital This Week?

Last updated: January 23, 2013

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A young glider recovers at the RSPCA Wildlife Ward

A Tiny Squirrel Glider is Found

This lovely little squirrel glider was found in the park without his mother. A community member contacted the RSPCA by calling 1300 ANIMAL, the tiny creature was later rescued by the RSPCA Animal Ambulance. He was brought to the RSPCA Shelter for plenty of love and care. He will stay with his carers until September alongside other orphaned gliders, until he is big enough to venture out into the wild.

Gorilla the Kookaburra

An RSPCA employee holds a kookaburraRSPCA Qld rescues thousands of wildlife every year, and this is just one of the many cases. A touching wildlife rescue that has been widely recognized through many media articles was of the miracle Kookaburra, named Gorilla. Gorilla was hit by a car, and was found stuck in the front grill. He managed to survive a massive 700km journey from New South Wales to Queensland. The driver found him in the morning, with only minor injuries. It took 17 days for Gorilla to be rehabilitated and he is now ready to be released. Gorilla will be flown by an RSPCA volunteer, from Brisbane to Scone in the Hunter Valley. He is a little miracle and will be safely returning to his beloved mate in New South Wales.

Please make sure that if you ever find any injured wildlife, please contact the RSPCA – 1300 ANIMAL.


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  1. Jess

    Poor animals
    I really want to volenteer for an animal centre. My mum said that she might let me


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