What do you learn when you go in to the RSPCA?

Last updated: October 14, 2010

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The RSPCA’s many education departments teach people to show responsible and caring behaviour toward animals. We show how to care for animals as well as, why we should care for animals.

The mission of the RSPCA Qld is to help animals and enlighten people. Enlighten is just another word for educating people. People need to be educated about how to care for their pets properly. Animals are special and have feelings just like us. Animals, if treated properly can make our lives so much better.

A lot of people believe that the RSPCA only cares for dogs and cats. But they are mistaken. At the RSPCA we know that all animals have feelings and should be treated with care and respect, so we help all animals in need. The animals that come into our shelters can be divided up into three different categories; pets, farm animals and wildlife. Pets are any animal that we have as a companion, living with us as a member of our family. (Cats, dogs, horses, guinea pigs, mice etc.). We also care for farm animals. Farm animals have feelings too and deserve to live a happy, healthy life. We also care for sick and injured wildlife.

The RSPCA care for all creatures great and small, from animals as large as horses and cows to animals as small as mice and lizards! All animals have value.

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