‘Vet Nurse for a Day’ holiday program at RSPCA Qld


A student holding an animal in a towelVet Nurses in the making have enjoyed a hands on experience in a new ‘Vet Nurse for a Day’ holiday program at RSPCA Qld’s Wacol Animal Care Campus.

Throughout the day participants have experienced a day in the life of our Veterinary Services team, working alongside our Vet Nurses and assisting with the care of our hospitalised patients in our Veterinary, Desex and Wildlife Hospitals.

From feeding baby birds, to bathing cats and assisting with surgery patients the program has certainly given our ‘vet nurses’ an insight into the world of animal care and many stories to tell.

  • “It was honestly an amazing experience. I LOVED it!”
  • “The program was great! It was so much fun and very educational as I would like to become a Vet Nurse.”
  • “It was a great learning experience. The staff were really friendly and had plenty of information.”
  • “I found the program really interesting and insightful. I would definitely recommend it to my friends”.

The ‘Vet Nurse for a Day’ program will run at Wacol again in the September/October school holidays. For further information and to book please contact (07) 3258 5616 or education@rspcaqld.org.au


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  1. Charlie

    Hi I love animals and really want to work with animals but I’m 13 and there aren’t any places I can find that I can help out . Have you got any suggestions

    • WOAW Admin

      Hi Charlie. It’s great to hear you want to help and work with animals. Unfortunately, in Queensland (check with your local RSPCA department for specific age requirements) there are age limits for people wanting to help out at an RSPCA shelter.

      If you are 16 or over, you can apply to do a week of work experience at the shelter through your school.

      When you reach 18, you can sign on to be an official RSPCA volunteer. In other states, you may be able to volunteer at a younger age. From our national website you can link to your state and find out more about volunteering (www.rspca.org.au)

      Even if you aren’t yet old enough to volunteer, there are still many things that you can do to help.

      We have a number of school-aged people who help us by doing fundraising and collecting donated items for the animals in our care.
      You may be able to promote RSPCA events such as Million Paws Walk or Cupcake Day to your class or your close friends.
      Also, we often need help distributing campaign materials such as posters and flyers. These materials help to raise awareness about important issues affecting animals or they might even advertise RSPCA events that are happening in your area.
      Other opportunities include Junior Memberships, our Education Programs, and Fundraising at Schools. Check with your local state RSPCA to see what is available.

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