There’s a possum in my roof! Poem

Last updated: January 29, 2013

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a possum picture

Dear RSPCA Wildlife,

Each night when I’m about to sleep,

I can hear a possum begin to sneak!

First I hear a shuffle…

and then I hear a snuffle…

and then I hear a great big scuttle!


Out the roof I see him leap!

Onto the power lines he creeps!

Along the skyline he races along!

Gee he moves quick, where has he gone?!

What should I do RSPCA?

My dad wants to send him away!

from Chris

Age 8

Dear Chris

Possum dancing with a salamander cartoon

What an adventure your possum is on!

Climbing out your house at dusk til dawn!

Galavanting the countryside to eat and play,

only to return at the start of each day!

Your dad’s not alone in wanting some quiet,

if you follow these instructions, you actually might!

See possums love old hollows and native trees,

but with all these new houses, where might they be?

How bout a project, for you and your dad,

to make a new home for your lil’ possum lad!

A bit of time, and a bit of care,

will have your possum no longer wanting to share!

from Janet

RSPCA Wildlife Coordinator

Poem written by Claire Boyce, 2008


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