Teacher Tour: WOAW Main Sections

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The WOAW website has a lot of valuable content for teachers!

To keep things organised content is organised into a few main sections:


Learning Resources

  • WOAW learning resources are flexible, accessible and tied to the curriculum.
  • Learning resources are only accessible when logged in as a teacher. It’s free and easy to become a member.
  • There are three different types of learning resources on WOAW; Mini Units, Lessons and Activities.
  • Learning resources have different technology requirements (eg. access to internet). Learning resources are categorised by their level of dependency on technology providing yet another way to find learning resources that will be accessible in your classroom.
  • We also provide our learning resources categorised into three different age ranges; Ages 8 and Under, Ages 9-13 and Ages 14 and over. Categorising learning resources this way allows us to search for learning resources for a specific age range.
  • View the Learning Resources page.

Learn more about learning resources on WOAW.

Animals Section

Screenshot of the Animals Page in WOAW

The animals section is broken into the three main areas of companion animals (pets), farm animals and wildlife.

Each animal area has information about Australian animals in that group as well as RSPCA related information such as animal rescues, adoption stories, wildlife hospital updates and much more.

View the Animals section

Fun Stuff Section

Fun Stuff Page Screenshot
  • The Fun Stuff section is all about engaging kids in fun activities while learning about animals and animal welfare.
  • Fun Stuff is full of great learning resources as well, such as coloring in sheets, videos, stories, poems, riddles, jokes and more!
  • Many fun stuff items are also included as learning resource activities, so don’t be surprised if you see them in more than one place.

View the Fun Stuff section


  • Media in WOAW includes videos, audio, photos and photo galleries.
  • All media on WOAW is free to use for school projects.

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