Teacher Tour: What is WOAW?

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Illustration of a teacher holding students hands at a fork in the road.

Humane Education

The RSPCA World of Animal Welfare (WOAW) is an exciting and educational website for people of all ages focusing on humane educational practices and learning resources. Humane Education is about fostering kindness, respect and empathy for animals, people and the environment.

Quality Teaching Resources

A key feature of the site is a database of quality teaching resources for educators across Australia to access and make available to their students.

Age Appropriate Resources

Our website is unique in that when a user visits WOAW they log on to an age appropriate interface. This ensures that the content that the user sees and interacts with is relevant and useful to them.

Accessible Technology for All Users

Furthermore, learning resources are available in three versions, based on the users access to technology. This ensures that regardless of teaching style or technology limitations there will be lessons and resources available.

Continue the tour:

  1. What is WOAW
  2. Main Sections of WOAW
  3. Learning Resources (LR)
  4. Age Ranges
  5. LR Technology Levels
  6. The Teacher Environment
  7. Finding Resources