Teacher Tour: Technology Levels

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Learning resources are available in three different technology levels and some resources may be available in more than one version, each utilising different technologies to teach the same topic.

The purpose of offering learning resources with different levels of technology is to ensure that, reagrdless of your teaching environment, you will have the most ideal resource for your needs.

If you have no access to technology in your classroom, then the classroom based resources will be ideal. However, if you have access to some technology such as a video player, audio player or teacher laptop with a projector, then the tech enhanced version will be easy to utilise.

Finally, if your one of the lucky educators with every student on their own computer and access to a wide range of other technology devices such as ipods and digital cameras, then the tech based learning resources are perfect for your needs.

All teachers will be able to find useful and relevant resources on WOAW!

Classroom Based

Writing with chalk on a chalkboardClassroom based learning resources do not require any special technology for use. Classroom Based lessons provide a Lesson Plan to the teacher, with simple materials that can be printed or collected in order to complete the lesson – a "chalk and talk" style! Any teacher, no matter how basic their teaching environment/resources will be able to use the Classroom based lessons.

Tech Enhanced

student listening to headphonesTech enhanced classroom based lessons are simply a classroom based lesson, which has been enhanced using multimedia resources. For example, a video or audio file can be provided to complement the learning in an area.The main point of tech enhanced resources is that whilst some access to technology is required, the ratio between the students and the technology does not have to be one to one.

Tech enhanced Learning Resources generally require that the teacher has access to a multimedia player such as a laptop with speakers and projector and/or one computer to every two or three students.

Teachers will be provided with a standard Lesson Plan to guide the lesson. Multimedia enhancements will be available for teachers online and as a download. For example, if a teacher needs to have the class listen to an audio clip she can download the clip to her laptop or she can bookmark the link online and go to it during the class. This provides options for the different environments and methods that teachers face in the classroom.

Tech Based

Laptop with a nature scene on the screenMost tech based learning resources are aimed at teachers who have the facilities to provide a computer for each student, OR may be completed homework for students with computers and internet access from home. There are also tech based learning resources which require a specific type of technology for completion, such as an ipod or digital camera.