Teacher Tour: Teacher Environment

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When you enter WOAW through the login page and select the teacher user group, this customises your interface and content. Teachers are no exception!

The Teacher Environment

WOAW’s age groups allow for age appropriate user interfaces and content for the specific age range.

Age groups:

  • Ages 8 and Under
  • Ages 9 to 13
  • Ages 14 and Over.

As a teacher using WOAW, you are viewing the teacher version of the site. This means a unique interface (look and feel of the site) and unique content (text, images, etc) tailored to you as a teacher.

In general, teachers get all content regardless of age group. For example, teachers see all stories in the fun stuff section whereas Ages 14 and Over users would only see stories appropriate for their age group.

Teachers have a modified main menu, which includes links to pages that are specific teacher information, such as “Ethics in the Classroom”.

If you want to see what a page looks like for another age group simply switch to that age group using the age group switcher above the main menu. If the page does not exist for that age range you will receive a page not found error.

Access to Learning Resources

Teachers are the only user group that have access to the learning resources.

Learning resources can be found through the Learning Resources page.

You must be logged on as a teacher member to download learning resources. It’s free and easy to join the WOAW humane educator community!

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  6. The Teacher Environment
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