Teacher Tour: RSPCA Learning Resources

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  • All learning resources in WOAW are tied to the curriculum (excluding activities).
  • All learning resources are categorised to make them as flexible and accessible as possible.
  • You must be currently logged in as a teacher member to download learning resources.

The three main categories that each learning resource fits into:

  • Type of learning resource: Mini Units, Lesson Plans and Activities.
  • Age range: Each learning resource fits into a specific age range. This is covered in the next section of the tour.
  • Technology level: Each learning resource has a certain level of technology required for use.

Learning Resource Types

Mini Units

A mini unit is a group of lessons, which cover a topic in more depth than a single lesson. Generally, mini units will contain 2-5 lessons in a set sequence, with each lesson’s teachings building on the lessons prior to it. Mini units are tied to the curriculum.


Lessons come in a lesson plan and are tied to the curriculum. Lessons are a stand alone item but the individual components, such as a video or other activity, can be used on their own if you choose.


Activities are basic learning resources which are not tied to the curriculum. Activities generally come with an activity sheet and a resource, such as a coloring in sheet or a video.

Continue the tour:

  1. What is WOAW
  2. Main Sections of WOAW
  3. Learning Resources (LR)
  4. Age Ranges
  5. LR Technology Levels
  6. The Teacher Environment
  7. Finding Resources