Teacher tour: Finding Learning Resources

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Once you understand the main concepts of learning resources in WOAW you will be able to find the right type of resources that are appropriate for your classes age range and that meet your technology requirements.

Introducing the Learning Resources Page

The Learning Resources page is your point of departure for searching and browsing for learning resources specifically.


The learning resources page provides a search form for searching JUST the learning resources on WOAW.

You can also refine your search to certain categories using the filters provided. You can filter by grade, resource type, technology level, curriculum link, etc.


The learning resources page also allows you to browse for learning resources by category.

Continue the tour:

  1. What is WOAW
  2. Main Sections of WOAW
  3. Learning Resources (LR)
  4. Age Ranges
  5. LR Technology Levels
  6. The Teacher Environment
  7. Finding Resources