Teacher Tour: Age Ranges

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Both the age groups on the WOAW site and the learning resource age ranges have been categorised using the same age ranges.

It is important to understand that this similarity in categorisation is for the sake of consistency and convenience.

  • The “Learning Resources” section is only available to teachers.
  • Some learning resources are made available to students via the fun stuff section.

Age Groups & WOAW

WOAW’s age groups allow for age appropriate user interfaces and content for the specific age group. Age groups are broken up into three main groups; Ages 8 and Under, Ages 9 to 13 and Ages 14 and Over. On the login page (located at www.woaw.org.au) students enter the age group that they fit into and their experience on WOAW is tailored to their needs and level of learning.

You can switch age groups on any page of WOAW using the age group switcher just above the main menu in the left hand sidebar.

Age ranges & Learning Resources

Learning resources can be available in one or more of the three age ranges. These are:

  • Ages 8 and Under
  • Ages 9 to 13
  • Ages 14 and Over

For example, an activity called “Hamsters in Antarctica” could potentially have three versions, one for each age range.

Learning resources on WOAW will often include options to adapt the resource to higher or lower levels – so you can customise content to your teaching needs.

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