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Baby Ringtails Stranded Roadside

Two Baby Ringtail Possums Found On The Side Of The Road - Two baby possums held in the hands of RSPCA Wildlife Hospital team member

Every night on Australian roads, possums (along with other native wildlife) are struck by vehicles and left on the side of the road. Many of these possums have babies who are still alive in their pouch.

Wildlife Hospital Flood Damaged

Wildlife Hospital Flood Damaged - Echidna at the RSPCA Wildlife Ward during the Qld floods 2011

The RSPCA wildlife hospital is currently ‘out of order’ due to the recent flood damage at the Fairfield Shelter. However, that doesn’t stop people bringing in animals needing help.

Pumpkin, Charlie & the Woodies

Pumpkin, Charlie & the Woodies - A baby brushtail possum all wrapped up in a blanket

So much has been happening in the RSPCA Wildlife Ward! Pumpkin the Brushtail Possum, Charlie the Carpet Python and the Woodies (wood ducks) are our featured wildlife this month.

Possums and Gliders

Possums and Gliders - A baby glider held in the hand

Learn more about Possums and gliders including topics such as possums and gliders biology, possum and glider threats, common conflicts and more.