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Lesson Plan: Kylie the Kangaroo’s Broken Tail

Kylie the Kangaroo's Broken Tail - Illustration from the book Kylie the Kangaroos Broken Tail of a kangaroo

Students will work with the teacher to sequence the illustrations from the storybook Kylie the Kangaroo’s Broken Tail and devise a caption for each image. By interpreting these illustrations and discussing their ideas, students will develop an awareness of the problem of native animals being hit by cars.

Angus the Eastern Grey Kangaroo

Angus being checked over by the RSPCA wildlife rescue team on the side of the road

The rescue team noticed Angus laying beside the road near the new RSPCA Animal Care Campus early one morning. Throughout the day they noticed he didn’t move and started to get concerned that he needed help.

Wildlife Hospital Flood Survivors

Wildlife Hospital Flood Survivors - Two rainbow lorikeets nibbling some food in the RSPCA Wildlife Hospital

Maggie the Eastern Grey Kangaroo, Jingo, Ringo, Gringo, Bingo And Fred the rainbow lorikeets & Harold the Magpie are all visitors through the RSPCA Wildlife Ward this week.

The Sheeparoo Joke

The Sheeparoo Joke - Photo of a kangaroo

Animal jokes: What do you get if you cross a kangaroo with a sheep? Find the answer and have a laugh on WOAW!

Activity: Kangaroo Maze

Kangaroo maze activity screenshot shows the maze with kangaroo at one end and her mob at the other end of the maze

Help Kangaroo get down to his mob by finding his way through the maze! Activity for ages 8 and under provided by the RSPCA and Kurrajong Aboriginal Products.