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Why do cats like to pounce and scratch things?

Why do cats like to pounce and scratch things - A cat laying in the grass

In the wild, cats hunt down their food by stalking it. A pet cat still likes to pounce, because they are practicing their hunting skills. It is important that all of our pets can display this type of normal behaviour.


Cats - An orange cat with green eyes

Learn about cats with RSPCA approved cat information including fact sheets, general cat information, cat photos, cat links and much more.

Cat Photo Gallery


The Cat Photo Gallery has lots of great photos of cats and kittens that are free to use in class assignments and educational purposes.

Activity: Cats Chatterbox

Cats Chatterbox - Thumbnail image of the chatterbox showing pictures of animals and facts about them

Create your own RSPCA cat chatterbox! Have fun and learn lots of amazing facts about cats. Did you know that cats tongues have tiny hooks that point backwards?

Cat In A Blanket Wallpaper

Cat In A Blanket Wallpaper - Photo of a cat wrapped in a blanket

A photo of a cute white and brown cat cuddled up in a woven blanket for you to enjoy as a desktop background image for your computer.