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RSPCA QLD Holiday Programs

RSPCA QLD Holiday Programs - A student feeding a sheep

Love animals and wish you could help them? Interested in a career working with animals? Or simply at a loose end these school holidays? Check out the RSPCA Qld’s fabulous holiday programs. Learn how to care for your pets, become a crusader for wildlife, check out life on the farm or be a vet nurse for a day. Catering for children aged 4 to 18 and family groups there is something for everyone.

RSPCA QLD Education Programs

The RSPCA Qld Humane Education Department is committed to changing the hearts and minds of children and adults throughout Queensland, so they can better understand how to care for animals and how their behaviours can impact upon animals.

Activity: What does RSPCA mean?

Students learn what the letters in RSPCA stand for with this fun activity. Colour in the letters and then try to write the words for yourself.

How You Can Help

There are lots of great ways you can help the RSPCA and animals. Learn about RSPCA events, RSPCA campaigns, RSPCA donations, RSPCA volunteering, RSPCA careers and much more!

Careers with the RSPCA

Careers with the RSPCA - RSPCA Inspector with a puppy

There are many career opportunities with the RSPCA working in a variety of roles – not all involve working directly with animals but all are in support of animal welfare.