Mini Unit: Storyboards

Last updated: January 24, 2013

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The Quick Time Player playing the video called Aha! by the Alliance for Humane Action

Technology Level: Tech Enhanced

Audience: Ages 14 and Over

Duration: 3 lessons

Prior knowledge/skills of teacher and students

Any prior knowledge required either by the teacher or students is outlined in each individual lesson plan.


The world that students are exposed to today is influenced greatly by mass media. Students are constantly being bombarded with advertisements, film and television programs all aimed to influence and persuade.

This Mini Unit aims to introduce students to some of the techniques utilised by the above media, in particular Camera Angles, Shots and Movement. Students will also gain an appreciation of the planning and preparation that goes into a simple short music video and then apply this knowledge to create their own storyboard.

By the end of this Mini Unit students will have a better understanding of some of the ‘tricks of the trade’ used by media outlets and therefore be more equipped in to analyse the media they are exposed to and make informed decisions about the world.

Unit Overview:

Unit Lessons
Lesson Title Objective
1. Introducing Storyboards

To introduce students to the storyboard genre, including techniques that are used by the media.

2. Storyboard First Proposal In pairs, students will complete a ‘proposal’ for AHA! (an animal welfare group in America) using a storyboard. They will then ‘pitch’ this concept to the class (as though their peers are representatives from AHA!).
3. Second Proposal

Students will build on their experiences from the first two lessons to create their own campaign on a current global issue.

Curriculum Links

Curriculum Links are outlined in each individual lesson plan.


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