12 RSPCA Wildlife Hospital Stories

Last updated: January 23, 2013

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Possum in a box at the RSPCA shelter

Hey dude!

Well me and me mates were ‘hanging’ about the other night and they dared me to run through glue. And I really wanted to be in the ‘in’ crowd so I had to impress them, so I did. As the glue dried, I realised that I needed a new hair cut with my new found popularity. I came to the RSPCA for a shave but I’m ready to head back home to show off my new hair do!

Possum in a box with a hurt nose at the RSPCA shelter

Hi. I am a bit of a ditzy possum.

You want to hear an embarrassing story? Well I got my nose trapped. It hurt heaps! So I went to hospital… but the embarrassing thing is, I did not realise there were ‘people’ hospitals and ‘animal’ hospitals. So I hung out at the ‘people’ hospital for three days before someone was kind enough to take me here… oops!

Frog with stitches

Gggg’day guys. It is me, Stitch again!

I am still here, but I am still all smiles! Got to hang out with the vet the other day and she said I am doing rrrrrreal well. My stitches are looking prrrrrretty cool and my skin is starting to look all slimy once again.

I am kinda getting used to this: I receive meal worms served in front of me and so much grrrrreen stuff to hang out in. Love it!

Common brushtail possum

Hello…I’m a pretty common brushtail possum, but with a pretty uncommon injury.

I have a sore eye…I wandered into the RSPCA for assistance because I know how serious eye injuries are. I am on special antibiotics and cream. So I just have to chill and wait it out until I can see better from my sore eye. I am also on a prescription of eating as much as I want – I like food!

Tawny Frogmouth with a sore eye

Whhhhhooo is there?

Wait I can’t see you? Where are you? Oh that is right, I have a sore eye.

I came here to the RSPCA to get help with my sore eye as I only just realised that you can’t get frogmouth spectacles to help vision. The vets have put me on treatment so give me a few days and I will be able to see whhhhooo you are!

Baby Dollarbirds

Hi, we are dollarbirds!

We are not actually siblings, I think we must be cousins. But it doesn’t matter now cos our parents forgot about us. That is okay cos we are going to go to a carer where she is going to have to raise us to grow up big and strong, then she is going to have to point us in the right direction because we have to migrate in March…wish us luck for our journey!

Injured carpet python

Sssssso what are you looking at?

I am jussst a carpet sssnake. Sssso what if I have attitude. It’sss not like I wanted to be attacked by a bobcat on a conssstruction sssite.

I don’t exactly want to be here. I know I ssshould be grateful becaussse of the extent of my injuries I would be dead if I wasss not here. I have to admit the number of ssstitches I have is pretty cool…

Sulphur Crested Cockatoo who needs a home and has a problem with feather plucking

Hi, I’m Wally…

…but I am guessing a lot of you will already know who I am because I have been here for a while now. Things are starting to look up for me this week as the wildlife staff members are attempting different treatment options to help reduce my compulsive feather chewing habits.

Brushtail possum with pouch young

Hi I’m a brushtail with pouch young.

I just realised that I am allergic to hot things. I only found that out when I ran across a very hot barbeque! My allergic reaction to hot things caused all my paws to blister and be extremely sore.

I am now wearing bandages on my hind legs and have to have soothing cream put on my front legs very often as the pain can be excruciating!

Brushtail possum with pouch young

I am a wild corella, but I am a friendly chap too.

I like making friends with everyone, yet not everyone wants to be friends with me. This morning I met this cat. I thought it was a great idea to meet a cat, because they would have so many cool stories to tell me about all their different lives.

Sadly this cat did not want to be my friend, and I have the scars to prove it!

Brushtail possum with pouch young

We are a good looking bunch of cockatiels that are just on a holiday here.

We are boarding here for a bit but we don’t mind. Here we are able to get heaps of browse to chew, heaps of vegies and fruit. We even get to hang out with the vet. The vet had a few concerns about our health, but with a few dietary changes, we are improving within a matter of days.

Water dragon with expanda foam across the face Water dragon with expanda foam removed and on the road to recovery

Mmmmfffph, mmmffph mmmpppphhtt! Ahhhhh – that’s better!

I am a young male water dragon and I got my head stuck in a hole that was freshly filled with Expanda foam. As you can see in the first photo the foam set hard all over me and I couldn’t open my mouth!

Luckily the foam was able to be removed and I didn’t eat any of it – Yuck! Note to self: sticking your head into Expanda foam is NOT a good idea!


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