RSPCA Qld Adoption Promotion: Black Magic!

Last updated: March 22, 2016

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Black Magic! - a black cat with green eyesHave you ever considered adopting a black pet? Maybe you have heard of Black Dog Syndrome? Many animal welfare organisations across the world have noticed that black pets seem to go unnoticed when it comes to adopting. It could be for a number of reasons; but we think they are unfounded. Myths and folk law have also done these animals a great disservice over the centuries, painted as symbols of bad luck.

Come October we will be embracing all black pets and further dispelling the mystery behind the colour. Did you know that in the UK, Ireland and Japan the black cat is actually considered good luck? Ancient Egyptians also mummified their cats to preserve them for the afterlife because they were considered so highly.

All RSPCA Qld Adoption locations will be celebrating Black Magic in October  – debunking the myths and embracing the reality of black pets. Adopt a beautiful, black pet and see how the magic works for you.

Here are some helpful pet tips:

  • Remember trick or treat with chocolate and lollies should not be for your pets.
  • Decorating or carving with pumpkins? Make sure you don’t leave them where your pet can chew on them. Pumpkin can also cause stomach upsets.


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