Plover, Koala, Possum & a Water Dragon at the Wildlife Hospital

Last updated: March 22, 2016

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Sheppard the little Spurwing Plover

Sheppard the little Spurwing Plover was brought to the RSPCA Wildlife Hospital after falling from his mum’s nest in the gutter of a local school. The teacher who found Sheppard tried to reunite him with his parents but they got a fright and flew away. Little did she know they would soon be back as they had four other eggs in the nest that were hatching and the babies would soon take their first steps off the roof too.

One of our nurses took Sheppard back to the school after work to try reunite him with the family. The parents and siblings were easily found in the playground and were not happy that their chick was in the hands of a person, if only they knew she was trying to help. After several swooping attempts, Sheppard was placed close to one of the parents in the hope his cries would get his parents attention. BINGO! One of the adults ran straight over and sat on the lonely chick to keep it warm and over the next 10 minutes, Sheppard was slowly coaxed over to the other chicks and the family was once again whole.

Two photos, one a close up of a fluffy baby plover and the other of a plover family with several baby plovers and a parent on a lawn

Bolt the Eastern Water Dragon

Bolt the Eastern Water Dragon was found at Lutwyche after becoming trapped in a wire fence, he was caught tightly around his belly. The RSPCA rescue team attended to help free him. After a few attempts Bolt was lathered up with lubricant and wiggled free. He had some rub wounds from his earlier attempts to free himself and so he was transported to the RSPCA Wildlife Hospital for a check over. He was slathered in some antibiotic cream and monitored for a few days before being released back to his home turf.

An Eastern Water Dragon: grey in colour overall with patches of yellow and black

Blanche the Koala

Blanche the Koala was found at Cedar Creek after the home owner heard a strange scratching on the outside of her house. She went outside to find Blanche trying to climb the drainpipe. She quickly brought the dogs inside and called the RSPCA 1300 ANIMAL hotline. The ambulance rushed out and by that time Blanche had moved to a tiny tree. She was caught and brought to the RSPCA Wildlife Hospital for a check up as her eyes seemed a little imflammed.

The wildlife team checked her over and discovered she had developed an ocular chlamydial infection. She would need long term treatment before being able to return to the wild and so was transfered into the care of the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital. She is currently in care and doing well.

An adult koala rests on gum leaves in the wildlife hospital

Pantene the Ringtail Possum

Pantene the Ringtail Possum was brought to the RSPCA Wildlife Hospital after being found laying on her back in the gutter at Gumdale. She had been struck by a car during the night, which had left her with a severe concussion and swelling on the brain.

She was unable to walk, her pupils were uneven and she had her front paws clasped tightly together in a prayer like position. It was touch and go for Pantene for the next 24hrs of her treatment. She was given medications for pain and specialised drugs to help reduce the swelling around her brain. She was placed in ICU with constant monitoring and assisted feeding.

After several days, Pantene was back on her feet but still struggled to walk in a straight line or climb – time would tell if she would ever recover enough to be returned to the wild… She spent a couple of weeks in the hospital receiving daily physiotherapy sessions to help her recover.

Well folks, it was all worth it and Pantene was released back to the wild last week.

A ringtail possum sniffs at the camera from her cozy nest of leaves and branches


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