Mice & Rats

Last updated: January 24, 2013

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Two cute little baby mice hanging in what looks like a little hammock

Mice and rats are very affectionate, social little animals which will bring you great joy in a small bundle!


Mice and rats are talented climbers. Ropes and ladders should be provided, also a strong exercise wheel. Ideal for exercise is a multi-storied mouse cage.


Mice and rats generally groom themselves, providing their cage is kept clean. Daily handling is recommended to check on signs of ill-health and to keep the animals tame.


Mice and rats are omnivorous. Special food pellets can be purchased from a pet shop. In addition, raw fruit and vegetables should be given daily, including carrot, celery, and apple.

Fresh hay is an important component of diet. Food and water dishes must be cleaned daily. The animals readily adapt to a drip feed water bottle.


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