Tech Enhanced

Tech Enhanced learning resources are resources that have been enhanced using multimedia.

Lesson Plan: Getting A Pet

Getting A Pet - A happy dog pants after playing soccer

In this lesson students design a proposal to present to their parents/guardians. This proposal will illustrate their understanding of the responsibility of owning a pet.

Lesson Plan: Pet Poetry

Pet Poetry - A teenager cuddles with a cute puppy

In this lesson students will explore different techniques for creating a poem. They will write, edit and present their poems to the class.

Mini Unit: Storyboards

Mini Unit: Storyboards - A screenshot of a video player with the music video AHA!

Storyboards Mini Unit with three curriculum linked lesson plans. This RSPCA Mini Unit aims to introduce students to some of the techniques utilised in storyboarding.

Mini Unit: Building Empathy

Building Empathy - Photo of a child holding a lamb

Underpinning this Mini Unit (cluster of lessons) is the recognition that animal abuse is a symptom of a far bigger problem of violence in society.

RSPCA Victoria Cupcake Day School Pack

RSPCA Victoria Cupcake Day School Pack - A photo of a blue cupcake with a bone and the text RSPCA

This School Pack is a mini unit of 6 victoria curriculum linked lessons and includes student leadership ideas, recipes for people and canines alike, activities, decoration tips, RSPCA & Cupcake Day Event background info…