Tech Based

Tech Based learning resources are aimed at teachers who have the facilities to provide a computer for each student, specialised technology or may involve homework for students with computers and internet access from home.

Who’s Egg Is This? Activity

Whose Egg Is This - An egg sitting in childs hands

Who’s Egg Is this? In this fun little activity you get to see a variety of different types of eggs and try to guess what animal they are from?

Activity: Is This Bob’s Home?

“Is this Bob’s home?” is an interactive online story suitable for Prep to Grade 3 students. The story follows Bob the dog on his journey to find his home.

RSPCA Victoria Cupcake Day School Pack

RSPCA Victoria Cupcake Day School Pack - A photo of a blue cupcake with a bone and the text RSPCA

This School Pack is a mini unit of 6 victoria curriculum linked lessons and includes student leadership ideas, recipes for people and canines alike, activities, decoration tips, RSPCA & Cupcake Day Event background info…

Lesson Plan: Beak, Wings & Feet

Beak, Wings & Feet - Illustration of a yellow chick

Acquire knowledge of animals’ physical, behavioural and social characteristics. Students will be able to explain how certain physical characteristics (wings, beaks, feet) of an assigned bird species are adapted to the bird’s diet, habitat and survival.