Classroom Based

Classroom Based learning resources do not require any special technology for use. These resources are sometimes referred to as “chalk and talk”.

Lesson Plan: Kylie the Kangaroo’s Broken Tail

Kylie the Kangaroo's Broken Tail - Illustration from the book Kylie the Kangaroos Broken Tail of a kangaroo

Students will work with the teacher to sequence the illustrations from the storybook Kylie the Kangaroo’s Broken Tail and devise a caption for each image. By interpreting these illustrations and discussing their ideas, students will develop an awareness of the problem of native animals being hit by cars.

Easter Bunny Maze Activity

Easter Bunny Maze Activity - Photo of a grey fuzzy rabbit

In this Easter themed activity, students help the Easter bunny find her basket full of eggs by navigating their way through the maze from start to finish.

Activity: Cats Chatterbox

Cats Chatterbox - Thumbnail image of the chatterbox showing pictures of animals and facts about them

Create your own RSPCA cat chatterbox! Have fun and learn lots of amazing facts about cats. Did you know that cats tongues have tiny hooks that point backwards?