Ages 8 and Under

Learning resource for ages 8 and under.

Lesson Plan: Kylie the Kangaroo’s Broken Tail

Kylie the Kangaroo's Broken Tail - Illustration from the book Kylie the Kangaroos Broken Tail of a kangaroo

Students will work with the teacher to sequence the illustrations from the storybook Kylie the Kangaroo’s Broken Tail and devise a caption for each image. By interpreting these illustrations and discussing their ideas, students will develop an awareness of the problem of native animals being hit by cars.

Who’s Egg Is This? Activity

Whose Egg Is This - An egg sitting in childs hands

Who’s Egg Is this? In this fun little activity you get to see a variety of different types of eggs and try to guess what animal they are from?

Decorating Easter Eggs

Decorating Easter Eggs - Photo of several colourful easter eggs

Looking for a fun activity for Easter? Get creative this Easter and decorate Easter eggs! There’s no limit to what you can do with the right materials and your imagination.

Easter Bunny Maze Activity

Easter Bunny Maze Activity - Photo of a grey fuzzy rabbit

In this Easter themed activity, students help the Easter bunny find her basket full of eggs by navigating their way through the maze from start to finish.

Activity: Is This Bob’s Home?

“Is this Bob’s home?” is an interactive online story suitable for Prep to Grade 3 students. The story follows Bob the dog on his journey to find his home.