RSPCA approved and curriculum-linked lesson plans are available free of charge to WOAW Members.

Lesson Plan: Beak, Wings & Feet

Beak, Wings & Feet - Illustration of a yellow chick

Acquire knowledge of animals’ physical, behavioural and social characteristics. Students will be able to explain how certain physical characteristics (wings, beaks, feet) of an assigned bird species are adapted to the bird’s diet, habitat and survival.

Lesson Plan: Animal Inventions

Animal Inventions - A baby kangaroo held in the palm of a hand

Students will identify some of the ways in which humans impact negatively on Australian native animals. They will then develop a plan for an invention that would help to keep our native animals safe. Design ideas may be fantastical or realistic.

Lesson Plan: Animals Online!

Animals Online - A dog and owner looking at a laptop

This lesson aims to introduce students to the excitement of the Internet in a fun and easy manner. They will learn how to access useful information from the internet.

Lesson Plan: Fun for Pets

Fun for Pets Lesson - Illustration of three cats doing tricks

This fun lesson for ages 8 and under, with a specific focus on P-1, introduces children to the concept of providing mental and social stimulation for pets.

VCAL – Literacy resource for Victorian Teachers

Literacy resource for Victorian Teachers - Random text from a poem called the Last Journey

Literacy Activities | Animals: Attitudes and Actions. In most real life situations we do not read, speak, write, listen or complete mathematical tasks in isolation (on their own). We use a range of skills and knowledge to successfully complete a task.