RSPCA approved and curriculum-linked lesson plans are available free of charge to WOAW Members.

Lesson Plan: Five Freedoms

Five Freedoms - Illustration of several hens in a battery cage

Through discussion and hands on activities, students will develop an understanding of how to be a responsible pet owner and that different animals have different needs.

Lesson Plan: Feelings and Faces

Feelings and Faces - A super cute tan puppy with a black face and eyes

Students will explore a range of feelings. They will demonstrate understanding that animals have feelings too, by matching words to pictures depicting the emotions.

Lesson Plan: A Pet Is For Life

A Pet Is For Life - Illustration of a girl picking up a cat from a box full of cats

In this lesson plan we learn that saving a pet is great, but it is also hard work. So before you get a pet, you need to be sure that you can give it everything it needs.

Mini Unit: Storyboards

Mini Unit: Storyboards - A screenshot of a video player with the music video AHA!

Storyboards Mini Unit with three curriculum linked lesson plans. This RSPCA Mini Unit aims to introduce students to some of the techniques utilised in storyboarding.

Mini Unit: Building Empathy

Building Empathy - Photo of a child holding a lamb

Underpinning this Mini Unit (cluster of lessons) is the recognition that animal abuse is a symptom of a far bigger problem of violence in society.

RSPCA Victoria Cupcake Day School Pack

RSPCA Victoria Cupcake Day School Pack - A photo of a blue cupcake with a bone and the text RSPCA

This School Pack is a mini unit of 6 victoria curriculum linked lessons and includes student leadership ideas, recipes for people and canines alike, activities, decoration tips, RSPCA & Cupcake Day Event background info…

Lesson Plan: Gibberish!

Lesson Plan: Gibberish - Illustration of a dog and a cat with question marks above their heads

In this rspca lesson plan students will explore different modes of communication including verbal, non-verbal and gibberish.