RSPCA approved and curriculum-linked lesson plans are available free of charge to WOAW Members.

Lesson Plan: Pet Portraits

Pet Portraits - Illustration of a cat painting a picture on an easel with a paint brush

Students will explore different techniques for creating a pet portrait. They will use captions to describe the emotions shown by the animals in the portrait.

Lesson Plan: Pet Poetry

Pet Poetry - A teenager cuddles with a cute puppy

In this lesson students will explore different techniques for creating a poem. They will write, edit and present their poems to the class.

Activity: Pets, Pets, Pets

Pets, Pets, Pets - Illustration of an orange cat sitting on three books

This resource includes a collection of activities. Students develop an understanding of the basic needs of pets, & what some of our responsibilities are in caring for our pets.

Lesson Plan: What Is A Pet?

What Is A Pet? - Illustration of two guinea pigs

In this lesson students understand the difference between animals which can be kept as pets and animals which cannot, through group discussion and creating a pet animal.