The Arts

RSPCA approved learning resources curriculum linked to the Arts.

Lesson Plan: Getting A Pet

Getting A Pet - A happy dog pants after playing soccer

In this lesson students design a proposal to present to their parents/guardians. This proposal will illustrate their understanding of the responsibility of owning a pet.

Lesson Plan: Design A Pet

Design A Pet - A happy Jack Russel with tongue hanging out

By designing their own pet, students will learn that different animals have certain requirements to stay healthy and happy and need care throughout their lives.

Lesson Plan: Pet Portraits

Pet Portraits - Illustration of a cat painting a picture on an easel with a paint brush

Students will explore different techniques for creating a pet portrait. They will use captions to describe the emotions shown by the animals in the portrait.

Lesson Plan: Pet Poetry

Pet Poetry - A teenager cuddles with a cute puppy

In this lesson students will explore different techniques for creating a poem. They will write, edit and present their poems to the class.

Lesson Plan: What Is A Pet?

What Is A Pet? - Illustration of two guinea pigs

In this lesson students understand the difference between animals which can be kept as pets and animals which cannot, through group discussion and creating a pet animal.

Lesson Plan: Feelings and Faces

Feelings and Faces - A super cute tan puppy with a black face and eyes

Students will explore a range of feelings. They will demonstrate understanding that animals have feelings too, by matching words to pictures depicting the emotions.