RSPCA approved learning resources curriculum linked to SOSE.

Lesson Plan: Kylie the Kangaroo’s Broken Tail

Kylie the Kangaroo's Broken Tail - Illustration from the book Kylie the Kangaroos Broken Tail of a kangaroo

Students will work with the teacher to sequence the illustrations from the storybook Kylie the Kangaroo’s Broken Tail and devise a caption for each image. By interpreting these illustrations and discussing their ideas, students will develop an awareness of the problem of native animals being hit by cars.

Lesson Plan: Five Freedoms

Five Freedoms - Illustration of several hens in a battery cage

Through discussion and hands on activities, students will develop an understanding of how to be a responsible pet owner and that different animals have different needs.

Lesson Plan: Feelings and Faces

Feelings and Faces - A super cute tan puppy with a black face and eyes

Students will explore a range of feelings. They will demonstrate understanding that animals have feelings too, by matching words to pictures depicting the emotions.

Lesson Plan: A Pet Is For Life

A Pet Is For Life - Illustration of a girl picking up a cat from a box full of cats

In this lesson plan we learn that saving a pet is great, but it is also hard work. So before you get a pet, you need to be sure that you can give it everything it needs.

Mini Unit: Building Empathy

Building Empathy - Photo of a child holding a lamb

Underpinning this Mini Unit (cluster of lessons) is the recognition that animal abuse is a symptom of a far bigger problem of violence in society.

Lesson Plan: Fun for Pets

Fun for Pets Lesson - Illustration of three cats doing tricks

This fun lesson for ages 8 and under, with a specific focus on P-1, introduces children to the concept of providing mental and social stimulation for pets.