RSPCA learning resources that are curriculum linked to HPE.

Lesson Plan: Five Freedoms

Five Freedoms - Illustration of several hens in a battery cage

Through discussion and hands on activities, students will develop an understanding of how to be a responsible pet owner and that different animals have different needs.

Lesson Plan: Feelings and Faces

Feelings and Faces - A super cute tan puppy with a black face and eyes

Students will explore a range of feelings. They will demonstrate understanding that animals have feelings too, by matching words to pictures depicting the emotions.

Mini Unit: Building Empathy

Building Empathy - Photo of a child holding a lamb

Underpinning this Mini Unit (cluster of lessons) is the recognition that animal abuse is a symptom of a far bigger problem of violence in society.

Lesson Plan: Animal Inventions

Animal Inventions - A baby kangaroo held in the palm of a hand

Students will identify some of the ways in which humans impact negatively on Australian native animals. They will then develop a plan for an invention that would help to keep our native animals safe. Design ideas may be fantastical or realistic.