Indigenous & Pacific Islander Resource

Indigenous & Pacific Islander Resources” have been established to fill the void of available Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander & South Pacific educational materials.

Activity: Tell An Aboriginal Story

Tell a story the aboriginal way: using symbols! Learn the symbols used in the activity & work out the sentences. Then use aboriginal symbols to create your own story.

Activity: Kangaroo Maze

Kangaroo maze activity screenshot shows the maze with kangaroo at one end and her mob at the other end of the maze

Help Kangaroo get down to his mob by finding his way through the maze! Activity for ages 8 and under provided by the RSPCA and Kurrajong Aboriginal Products.

Activity: Count The Boomerangs

In this activity students get to practice their mathematics skills by adding up all the boomerangs in the picture. This is an indigenous resource supplied by Kurrajong Aboriginal Resources.