Activities are short, non-curriculum linked exercises that can be used in a variety of situations in the classroom.

Activity: There’s a Possum in My Roof!

“There’s a Possum in My Roof!” is a story by the RSPCA about a noisy possum in a young boy named Chris’ roof. The possum is having fun running around all night but his dad isn’t so happy about the noise. What to do? How about building the possum a new house? This story contains a fun project: building a suitable home for a possum.

Activity: Animal Crossword Puzzle

Fun animal crossword activity. Each animal on the page needs to be identified and spelled correctly to fill out the crossword puzzle. A fun and challenging game!

VCAL – Literacy resource for Victorian Teachers

Literacy resource for Victorian Teachers - Random text from a poem called the Last Journey

Literacy Activities | Animals: Attitudes and Actions. In most real life situations we do not read, speak, write, listen or complete mathematical tasks in isolation (on their own). We use a range of skills and knowledge to successfully complete a task.

Activity: Pet Love Poem

Pet Love Poem - Photo of a dog

No matter how much we love our pets, we can never love them as much as they love us. But we can try…

Activity: Rosie’s Story

Rosies Story - Photo of a big fluffy white cat

Meet Rosie the cat through this fun narrated story. You can read along and listen to the narration to learn all about what makes Rosie a happy and healthy cat.

Activity: I rescued a human today

Activity: I rescued a human today - Photo of a chocolate lab

A story that makes a great activity for your students about a dog at an animal shelter who finds a human in need and “rescues” her. Story by Janine Allen.