Activities are short, non-curriculum linked exercises that can be used in a variety of situations in the classroom.

Activity: Pets, Pets, Pets

Pets, Pets, Pets - Illustration of an orange cat sitting on three books

This resource includes a collection of activities. Students develop an understanding of the basic needs of pets, & what some of our responsibilities are in caring for our pets.

Activity: Lost and Found

Oh no! All of the animals are lost! They can’t remember where they live! They need your help! Cut along the dotted lines around each animal & glue them onto their homes.

Activity: Kangaroo Maze

Kangaroo maze activity screenshot shows the maze with kangaroo at one end and her mob at the other end of the maze

Help Kangaroo get down to his mob by finding his way through the maze! Activity for ages 8 and under provided by the RSPCA and Kurrajong Aboriginal Products.