Activities are short, non-curriculum linked exercises that can be used in a variety of situations in the classroom.

Activity: Warm Weather Wisdom

Never leave your pet unattended in a parked car for any period of time because temperatures can become dangerous in minutes. Learn what to do if your pet is exposed to high temperatures.

Activity: Tell An Aboriginal Story

Tell a story the aboriginal way: using symbols! Learn the symbols used in the activity & work out the sentences. Then use aboriginal symbols to create your own story.

Activity: What does RSPCA mean?

Students learn what the letters in RSPCA stand for with this fun activity. Colour in the letters and then try to write the words for yourself.

Activity: RSPCA Barn

In this activity, students get to colour in a barn picture, cut it out, paste it to a piece of paper and then draw their favourite RSPCA barn animal behind the doors.

Activity: RSPCA Animal Images 2

Students look at the images and discuss responses as a class focusing on animal feelings, the needs of animals, the five freedoms and the role of the RSPCA.

Activity: RSPCA Animal Images

In this activity, students look at the animal images and respond using the sentence starters: I see, I think, I wonder, I feel. Discuss responses as a class.