Mystic-Rose the Lace Monitor at the RSPCA Wildlife Hospital

Last updated: March 22, 2016

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These beautiful and inquisitive lizards are very active and can take off at super fast speeds when they are in danger, but not Mystic-Rose, the Lace Monitor. She was found at Karalee very lethargic and dehydrated. Lace Monitors are venomous lizards and so specialised handling skills are required to rescue them; it was the RSPCA rescue team on the job.

They were able to bag her up without a fight and bring her to the RSPCA Wildlife Hospital for a vet check. Her examination revealed she had sustained two fractured ribs and her bloods indicated she was fighting an infection. She was given pain relief, antibiotics and fluids and placed in a special reptile ICU unit to keep her temperature up.

It took a few days for her appetite to return but finally she was tempted with an egg and some lean red meat. After a few weeks in care she bounced back to her spritely self and was ready to return home. The volunteer driver who released her said she took off like a rocket and climbed up a gum tree before looking back to say thanks and good bye.

A lace monitor lizard recovers under heat lamps in the reptile ICU


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