Jeramiah the Little Black Flying Fox

Last updated: March 22, 2016

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Jeremiah just after the c-section having fluids sucked from his lungs by the vetsJeramiah is a little black flying fox who is lucky to be alive.

His mother sadly needed to be put to sleep after being found entangled on barbwire fence. The injuries to her wings and mouth were too severe to be treated, so the vet performed an emergency c-section to save little unborn Jeramiah’s life.

Once born, the nurses worked quickly to remove the fluid from Jeramiah’s mouth and lungs using a suction tube.

After a few tense minutes he took his first breath. He was then rubbed down and cleaned up before being wrapped in a special ‘bat wrap’ to simulate being tucked safely under mum’s wing.

He has since been transfered to a specialised wildlife carer to be raised and released with other orphans.

Best of luck little man.

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The wildlife friendly fencing project is raising awareness of the impact of barbed wire and netting on Australian wildlife, especially bats, birds and gliders, and developing guidelines for good practice.


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