Humane Food Display at RSPCA WA Education

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From paddock to plate, we have a responsibility to shop and eat humanely. At the RSPCA we believe that all animals, including farm animals, should live a life in accordance with the five freedoms.

We have a new display in our Education Room at RSPCA WA which gives a visual example of how chickens may look cramped and living in battery cages. Our display is not an exact replica of battery cages but gives a good indication of the limited space chickens have in this type of environment and the fact that they don’t have the freedom to express normal behaviour. A chicken’s normal behaviour includes dust bathing, scratching in the dirt, flapping their wings and nesting. Chickens can’t do any of these behaviours while they are cramped in a cage. We can help chickens have a better life by choosing to buy free range or barn laid eggs with the RSPCA’s paw of approval.

Several posters and stickers from the RSPCA Humane Food campaign.
Several stuffed toy chickens are cramped into a tiny cage to provide an example of what the conditions are like for a battery hen
A close up photo of two of the toy chickens in the cage with colored eggs


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