Huggy the Duckling

Last updated: August 24, 2017

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A fluffy yellow duckling standing on newspaper in the RSPCA Wildlife HospitalHuggy the duckling was seen swimming alone on a pond in the Botanical gardens.

A concerned resident called the RSPCA for assistance and the Rescue unit was sent to check out the situation. The officer noticed straight way that this as a domestic duckling and should not be in the wild or without its parents at this age. It would seem someone had abandoned him there.

Baby ducklings need their mother to provide the oils essential for staying waterproof otherwise they can easily become waterlogged and drown, not to mention the eels in the pond that like to feast on little ducklings feet.

Using a long net, Huggy was captured and placed in a warm, dry carry crate and transported back to our Animal Hospital for veterinary assessment. He is fine and is currently in foster care with another young duckling and they are the best of friends. When he is older he will be rehomed with his new pal.

Best of luck Huggy.


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