Green Tree Snake in the Wildlife Hospital

Last updated: January 23, 2013

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Green tree snake stuck to a sticky trap with lots of other dead animals Green tree snake released from the sticky trap and ready to return to the wild

Currently we have a green tree snake in the wildlife ward. He was brought to the RSPCA after being found stuck to a nasty sticky trap designed to trap unwanted pests. These traps are inhumane and animals caught on them are often left to dehydrate, starve and die. Some reptiles can live weeks or even months without food or water, I think this snake has been stuck for an extended period of time. He was dehydrated, emaciated and had bruised his lower jaw in his efforts to escape. He has been given sub cut fluids daily to increase his hydration and is looking forward to his next feed. Once he sheds his skin and fattens up he will be returned to the wild.

If you have to use a sticky trap then make sure it is checked daily. If you find any reptiles, mammals or even birds then you should take them to the RSPCA or local vet immediately so they can be removed and treated.


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