Lesson Plan: Getting A Pet

Last updated: November 24, 2017

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A happy dog pants after playing soccer

Audience: Ages 12-13

Duration: 1 hour

Technology Level: Tech Enhanced


In this lesson students design a proposal to present to their parents/guardians. This proposal will illustrate their understanding of the responsibility of owning a pet.


  • Paper and pens
  • Available research tools (library, internet access, classroom books etc)
  • Presentation materials (cardboard, computer access etc)


  1. www.rspca.org.au
  2. https://www.worldforpets.com.au/

Prior knowledge

Students require the ability to research effectively during this lesson.


Lesson Procedure
Topic Notes
1.Introduction (10 mins) Getting a pet involves many decisions. A family has to take into account whether a pet suits their way of life. Too often people do not ask simple questions such as; Can we afford a pet? Do we have enough time for a pet? Do we have enough space for a pet? Can we care for a pet, for all of his/her life?
1.1 Brainstorm(10 mins) Students are asked to imagine that they want to have a pet but their parents/guardians do not think this is a good idea.

  • Why would parents/guardians object?
  • What is involved in owning a pet? (consider different animals)
  • What could the students do to help?

Record the reasons and types of pets on a board

2. Body(30 mins)
2.1 Design A Proposal(30 mins) Students must research and develop a proposal to be presented to a group of peers aimed at convincing their parents/guardians that they should be allowed to adopt a pet. Teachers will advise on research tools and presentation style depending on resources available. The proposal must demonstrate an understanding of the needs of the particular pet and include reference to the concerns of their parents/guardians.

Points to include in proposal:

  • What type of pet and what size it is/will become?
  • How much it will cost to care for it?
  • What are its needs?
  • Who will care for it?
  • What is your pets expected lifespan?
  • How will he/she fit into your day to day lives?
3. Conclusion(20 mins)
3.1 Present Your Proposal(20 mins) Once the proposal has been completed students then present their proposal to the class who act as their parents/guardians. The student presenting should be prepared to argue their case and the class should be prepared to raise concerns parents might have.

Discuss options of pet ownership as a group including compromising with parents/guardians, considering lower maintenance pets, breeds of dogs to suit lifestyle, not having a pet at this time etc.

Curriculum Links

Queensland Curriculum Links

Curriculum Links for this lesson
Key Learning area Curriculum link
The Arts DR 2.1 Students make choices about and develop roles to build dramatic play

DR 3.1 Students negotiate, in and out of role, a range of situations and narratives

English – Essential Learnings Speaking & Listening

  • The purpose of speaking and listening includes advancing opinions, discussing, persuading others to a point of view, influencing transactions, and establishing and maintaining relationships
  • Statements, questions and commands can use language that positions and represents ideas and information

Writing & Designing

  • The purpose of writing and designing includes evoking emotion, persuading and informing
Science LL 3.1 Students draw conclusions about the relationship between features of living things and the environments in which they live


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