Reviews of books, games and movies about animals with messages of animal empathy and respect.

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  • Book Review: Doggie Dreams

    Doggie Dreams - The cover of the book Doggie Dreams. Oil painting of dog with thought bubbles with dreams in them

    Rhymed couplets describe the stuff of pups’ dreams. The text is accompanied by bright cartoons rendered in oils “with the occasional dog hair mixed in.”

    Finding Nemo Movie Review

    Finding Nemo Movie Review - Dory and Nemo's father swimming

    This movie has some great humour for the older audience and children will absolutely love the colourful characters and story line that goes along with it.

    Charlotte’s Web Movie Review

    Charlotte's Web Movie Review - Photo from the movie poster showing the spider and a young girl

    A classic story begins with a litter of piglets, and the discovery that one of them is a runt. A young girl saves its life and she names him Wilbur.

    The Black Stallion

    The Black Stallion - Photo of a boy riding a black stallion bare back

    Book review on WOAW for the Black Stallion. This book review is written by Billie from Elliot Heads.

    Petz – My Kitten Family DS

    Petz - My Kitten Family DS - Cover of the video game with a cute kitten - rated G

    Petz My Kitten Family is all about cuteness and looking after your pet. You can practice caring for kittens so that you know what to expect from real life animals!

    Black Beauty Book Review

    Black Beauty Book Review - Illustration of a black horse

    Black Beauty, by Anna Sewell, was written in 1877 and was an influential pro-animal welfare statement, but it is also an extremely exciting and moving children’s story.

    Petz – My Puppy Family DS

    Petz - My Puppy Family DS - Cover of the game showing a puppy and the text: Rated G, Nintendo DS

    Petz: My Puppy Family DS (game) is a fun game and a recommended learning resource activity for exploring raising a puppy to be healthy and happy.