Off The Leash

The “Off the Leash” section is for amazing, hilarious or inspiring animal related stories from across the globe.

Frog Rides the Back of a Snake

Frog Rides the Back of a Snake - Photo of frog on a snakes back in water

Of all the startling images to have come out from the Queensland floods, this has to be the most unusual — a green frog hitching a ride on the back of a brown snake.

Macaque Monkey Adopts Kitten

Macaque Monkey Adopts Kitten - Photo of a Macaque Monkey holding a kitten

A young long-tailed macaque monkey has been spotted cradling a ginger kitten in an Indonesian forest. The monkey has apparently adopted the kitten.

Bighorn Sheep Acrobats

Bighorn Sheep Acrobats - Several bighorn sheep standing on a steep wall

A series of photos taken of a herd of bighorn sheep eating the salt crystals on a near vertical wall of the Cingino Dam in Italy.

Rockin’ Rory

Rockin Rory - Screenshot from the youtube video showing dog and handler on stage

“Rockin’ Rory” featured on the hit TV show “America’s Got Talent” 2009 struts his stuff and dances like there’s no tomorrow along with his owner.

The Amazing Dog Called Skidboot

The Amazing Dog Called Skidboot - Photo of skidboot the dog with handler

The story of a dog named “Skidboot”, an amazing dog who lives and works with his owner in Texas. “Skidboot” is incredibly smart and is a great performer.

Dog, Cat and a Rat

Dog, Cat and a Rat - Photo of a cat with a rat on its back

A dog, a cat and a rat are best friends and happily spend their time piggy backing each other. The stereotypes of dogs hating cats and cats chasing rats is smashed in this story.

The Hippo and the Turtle

The Hippo and the Turtle - A baby hippo cuddling with a turtle

A baby hippopotamus that survived the tsunami waves on the Kenyan coast has formed a strong bond with a giant male century-old tortoise.