Frog Rides the Back of a Snake

Last updated: January 29, 2013


a frog riding on the back of a snake in the qld floods of 2011

(Photo: Armin Gerlach/

Of all the startling images to have come out from the Queensland floods, this has to be the most unusual — a green frog hitching a ride on the back of a brown snake.

Computer technician Armin Gerlach was visiting friends in the flood-hit town of Dalby, located in the state’s south-east, last week when he spotted the unlikely pair.

“I felt amazement, I just couldn’t believe it,” said Mr Gerlach.

Mr Gelach said a friend who had been affected by many floods told him animals often helped each other out during disasters.

“It’s quite common when you have animals in floods or fires or disasters, they actually get together and don’t do anything,” he said.

“[My friend] has seen foxes and rabbits forget their hunting instincts during natural disasters,” he said.

Mr Gelach said he and his friends were inspecting flood damage on the property, where waters had risen to about 47cm.

Credit: Original story ninemsn.

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2 Responses to “Frog Rides the Back of a Snake”

  1. Riannen Fenton

    i think that that is aweasome since when do you see a green tree frog getting a ride of a brown snake hahahhaha thats because they dont theyed usually defend each other and attack at one another lol that is funny and hilarious so anmazed that ive have seen this!!!
    its hilariously funny

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