Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the RSPCA?

The RSPCA is an independent, non-government community based charity providing animal care and protection services. We have a proud history of over 100 years in Australia and strongly believe that education is the key to making positive changes for the future of both humans and their companion friends. For further information go to the RSPCA National website.

What is WOAW?

The RSPCA World of Animal Welfare (WOAW) is an exciting and educational website for people of all ages focusing on humane educational practices and learning resources. Humane Education is about fostering kindness, respect and empathy for animals, people and the environment.

A key feature of the site is a database of quality teaching resources for educators across Australia to access and make available to their students.

Our website is unique in that when a user visits WOAW they log on to an age appropriate interface. This ensures that the content that the user sees and interacts with is relevant and useful to them.

What is Humane Education?

Humane (adj):Having what are considered the best qualities of human beings.

Humane Education is about fostering kindness, respect and empathy for animals, people and the environment. On one level, our programs are about learning how to care for animals. At a more complex level, our programs are about learning why we should care for animals.

Why do we need humane education?

  1. RSPCA shelters across Australia care for thousands of lost, abandoned, injured and mistreated animals each year.
  2. Sadly, animal abuse crimes are increasing in frequency and severity. We are now aware that violence against animals is a strong indicator of unhealthy social behaviour which often leads to acts of violence against fellow humans.
  3. Research has shown that humane education is the key to fostering long term change in people’s attitudes and behaviours toward animals.

What are the age groups in WOAW?

WOAW’s age groups allow for age appropriate user interfaces and content for the specific age group. Age groups are broken up into three main groups; Ages 8 and Under, Ages 9 to 13 and Ages 14 and Over. Students enter the age group that they fit into and their experience on WOAW is tailored to their needs and level of learning.

You can switch age groups on any page of WOAW using the age group switcher just above the main menu in the left hand sidebar.

So, as a teacher the content and look of the site are unique?

Yes. As a teacher using WOAW, you are viewing the teacher version of the site. This means a unique interface (look and feel of the site) and unique content (text, images, etc) tailored to you as a teacher.

If you want to see what a page looks like for another age group simply switch to that age group using the select box above the main menu.

Learning Resources FAQ

What are the different types of Learning Resources in WOAW?

There are three different types of Learning Resources, all of which are available via the Learning Resources Page. These are Activities, Lessons and Mini Units.

  • What is a mini unit? A mini unit is a cluster of Lessons. Each lesson is a part of the mini unit, but can also be used stand-alone in some circumstances.
  • What is a lesson? A lesson is a lesson plan and it’s supplementary components. All lessons on WOAW are available for download free of charge to WOAW members.
  • What is an activity? Activities are short, non-curriculum linked exercises that can be used in a variety of situations in the classroom. Examples would be  spelling activities, crosswords, games, colouring sheets, etc.

What are technology levels?

Learning resources are available in three different technology levels and potentially one resource can be available in all three different versions, each utilizing different technologies to teach the same topic. The three different technology levels are (from least technology dependent to most dependent) Classroom Based, Tech Enhanced and Tech Based.

The purpose of offering learning resources with different levels of technology is so that no matter what your teaching environment, you will have the most ideal solution for your needs.

  • What is a Classroom Based Learning Resource? Classroom based learning resources do not require any special technology for use. Classroom Based lessons provide just a Lesson Plan to the teacher. There is no technology in this version of Lesson. Any teacher, no matter how basic their teaching environment/resources will be able to use the Classroom based lessons.
  • What is a Tech Enhanced Learning Resource? Tech enhanced learning resources are simply a classroom based learning resources, which have been enhanced using multimedia resources. For example, a video or audio file can be provided to complement the learning in an area. The main point of tech enhanced resources is that the ratio between the students and the technology does not have to be one to one. Tech enhanced Learning Resources generally require that the teacher has access to a multimedia player such as a laptop with speakers and projector and/or one computer to every two or three students. Multimedia enhancements will be available for teachers online and (where possible) as a download. For example, if a teacher needs to have the class listen to an audio clip she can download the clip to her laptop or she can bookmark the link online and go to it during the class. This provides options for the different environments and methods that teachers face in the classroom.
  • What is a Tech Based Learning Resource? Most tech based learning resources are aimed at teachers who have the facilities to provide a computer for each student OR may involve homework for students with computers and internet access from home. There are also tech based learning resources which require a specific type of technology which would not be expected in the average Australian classroom for completion, such as an ipod or digital camera.

Learning resources are categorised into age groups just like the WOAW site?

Yes! Just like we provide age appropriate learning environments for different age ranges we also provide our learning resources categorised into three different age ranges.

  1. Ages 8 and Under
  2. Ages 9-13
  3. Ages 14 and over

Categorising learning resources this way allows us to search for learning resources for a specific age range.

How do I print a learning resource?

One way is to download it and then print it from your computer. The download link is available for learning resources once you have logged in.

Learning resources can also be printed or saved as a pdf using the button at the bottom of the resource, but you will not print the supplementary resources.

I have a great learning resource I would love to have on WOAW, how do I submit it?

We would love to have a look at what you have! Please contact us via the Contact page which is available from the top of every page on the WOAW site.

How do I comment or make a suggestion on a Learning Resource?

Most pages on the WOAW site have the ability to submit comments and have a discussion. This is an open “forum style” comment area and is open to everyone who views that page. If you would like to send us a private message then please use the Contact page.

Having trouble opening our ZIP file?

Many of our learning resources and many other items on the WOAW site are bundled up in something called a ZIP file, which is simply a package of files and folders provided in an easy to manage compressed format.

Most computers are able to open a zip file automatically. However, if your having problems or are encountering an error message when you try to open the ZIP files from your computer it is easy to solve.


After downloading the zip file from WOAW, find it and right click it, which opens up a menu, select “Open With” from this menu and then find the application/software that will allow you to open ZIPS. Most likely software will be either WINZIP or WINRAR. Choose the correct software, tick the box that say “Always use this program” and click “open” (exact wording will vary depending on your operating system). This should now open the ZIP, exposing the files and folders within.


If you don’t have any unzipping software on your computer, you will need to download it. It’s free and easy to install is the good news. There are many different types available. WINRAR and WINZIP are the most popular. Both are free to use for short term use and there are many other completely free options available. Simply download the software and install as per instructed and if you have problems after installing the unzipping software go back to STEP 1 above.


Many educational providers in Australia have secure networks which restrict the ability to install software. If you cannot install the UNZIP software or are having trouble doing so you will need to discuss this with your network supervisor.

Teacher Login & Account Management

I have lost my password. How do I recover it?

Go to the teacher login page or sidebar when logged in as a teacher and click “Lost Password?” below the login form and your password will be sent to your email address you have provided.

Searching & Browsing

How do I find Learning Resources?

The Learning Resources Page is your access point for finding learning resources on WOAW. From the Learning Resources page you have many options for filtering the search results to find learning resources specific to your needs.

How can I find the page I’m looking for?

You can search the entire WOAW site from the left hand sidebar just under the main menu.You can search just learning resources from the Learning Resources Page.

How do I submit content to WOAW?

How do I submit content to WOAW?

The easiest way to send us content is to send us an email and attach the item to the email or write it in the email.

What are the copyright requirements for content submissions?

Any content submitted must be copyright free or the person submitting the content owns the copyright and by submitting the content agrees that they are handing over copyright on the item. For more information please read our terms and conditions.

Contact WOAW administration

How do I contact WOAW admin?

A contact button is available from every page in the site and it is located in the top menu bar on the page and this will take you to the Contact WOAW page.

Support & Sponsor WOAW

How can I support or sponsor WOAW?

We have many different options available for supporters of the WOAW website. Contact the WOAW team directly for more information.

Who is currently supporting the WOAW website?

Our current supporters and sponsors are listed on the sponsors page.