My dog Gus is biting too much. Can you give me some advice on how to stop him?

Last updated: March 22, 2016

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A black and white puppy biting a persons thumbHi Loren, sorry to hear you’re having trouble with Gus biting too much.

The RSPCA and WOAW website have some great information on mouthing and biting to get you started.

The next best step is to enrol Gus and yourself into an RSPCA animal training course.

RSPCA animal training courses are available across Australia:

  • Queensland: call the RSPCA Animal Training & Behaviour Centre for further information in regard to courses available on (07) 3426 9928.
  • Victoria: for any information on training and behaviour contact RSPCA Victoria.
  • West Australia: call the RSPCA PawsCentral Adoption Centre for further information about courses available near you on (08) 9209-9309 or visit the RSPCA WA website.
  • NSW: Information is available on the RSPCA NSW website.
  • Australian Capital Territory: Information is available on the RSPCA ACT website.
  • South Australia: Contact information is available on the RSPCA SA website.
  • Northern Territory: Contact information is available on the RSPCA Darwin website.
  • Tasmania: Go to the RSPCA Tasmania website for further information.

Good luck with Gus,



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