Does the RSPCA offer animal training courses?

Last updated: March 17, 2016

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The RSPCA offers a wide range of animal training courses across Australia. Courses offered include:

  • K9 Kindergarten (Basic puppy training)
  • Basic Training (Basic training for adults)
  • Calm Class (For agitated and boisterous dogs)
  • Dog Sport Prep, Agility and Flyball (Training on obstacle courses and relay races in teams, allows the dogs to think more for themselves)

There are animal training courses available through the RSPCA across Australia:

For Queensland Residents: call the RSPCA Animal Training & Behaviour Centre for further information in regard to courses available on (07) 3426 9928.

For Victoria Residents: for any information on training and behaviour in Victoria is available on the RSPCA Victoria website.

For West Australian Residents: call the RSPCA PawsCentral Adoption Centre for further information about courses available near you visit the RSPCA WA website and follow the “dog training” links.

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